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USB Stick Recovery

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Degradation of USB memory sticks:

Just like other storage devices, the USB memory sticks also degrade with time. Well, it will not stop working immediately, but after sometimes you can’t be able to access the data stored in the USB memory stick. People think that they will never degrade and they keep using it without any precautions. The degradation occurs due to use of USB memory stick for a long time, physical wear and tear and due to in-transits damages. The chip named EEPROM carries a thin layer of oxide, and with time it also degrades. So, you should keep in mind about this.

Failure of USB memory sticks due to physical damage:

Throughout the uses, the USB memory card can come across many sudden accidents, collision, knocks and other physical damages. Later, these damages will make your USB memory card inaccessible. If you found that your USB memory card is not working now, then contact us. We will provide you guidance to recover the data using data recovery software.

Damage to USB 2.0 Port:

Through USB port you can connect the USB memory stick to PCs or laptops. Sometime you may face problems like USB port not detecting the device. The reason behind this may be an error in the connection between the memory chip’s pin and the USB adapter. We can help you to recover your data from the USB memory stick using our advanced chi-reading software.

Accidental formatting of USB sticks:

One of the most common problems that many users face is deleting information or formatting USB stick accidentally. On the internet, you can find many data recovery software which can recover data, but that can lead to data corruption. If you have done such things, then just remove the USB memory stick from the host device and call us. We will guide you how you can effectively retrieve your data without any corruption.

PCs or laptops are not recognizing USB sticks:

A fault in the file allocation table on the memory chip can make it inaccessible, and PCs or laptops will no longer recognize it. In some cases, firmware issues can develop such situation, or a power surge can be the reason behind this. It has been seen that some virus can also affect the memory stick. If are in such situation and looking for a way to retrieve the data, then contact us to get immediate help.

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