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The problem often occurred in RAID Server and Array:

Through RAID server multiple users can get access to some devices simultaneously. It is used in small and large organizations. But you can face problems such as failure of drives or sudden failure of the firmware of RAID server. Sometimes you can face problem due to the failure of RAID control card. So, we are here to deal with such issues and can rebuild a perfect RAID server for you.

Hot swapping failure in RAID HDD:

Hot swapping is an important factor of RAID server. Its principle is very simple but effective. Many it works without developing any errors but sometimes it can face some errors, and you can lose your data. But our experts know how to deal with such situation and will help you to fix hot swap error. We use latest and advanced data recovery software to recover your lost data.

Failure in RAID server rebuilds:

Rebuilding of RAID server is a very difficult task. Any IT engineers will not want to do this unless there is an emergency. Sometimes you can face errors due to partially successful rebuild. That means all drives will function normally, but you can’t access your data. It takes more time to detect the malfunctioning drives. You may get unreadable storage devices or devices will not respond as per your command. We can solve any types of issues that can arise from RIAD server rebuild and can safely recover your data.

Unsuccessful firmware upgrade of RAID server:

Like PCs and laptops, firmware upgrades are very important. It helps to send transfer instruction to drives and the controller card. So, it fails then it will affect the communication between drives, RAID boards, and controller card. You can lose all your data here. We have years of experience in the RAID server firmware updated and can solve such issues in time for you.

Issues in controller card and RAID partition:

The controller card can be found in PCs, and it controls the RAID array. If you are getting an error while accessing and saving files, that can be the indications of failure of the controller card. A defective controller card will not allow for the correct routing.

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