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Possible issues that your Laptop HDD may face:

Just like external HDD, you can take your laptop anywhere. But if it gets knocked or you accidentally drop it, it will develop issues in laptop HDD. It has seen that laptop HDD suffers same hardware and firmware issues, which a desktop PC suffers. We have been dealing with such issues for many years, and our experts can solve any laptop HDD problems.

Laptop HDD failure at mechanical level:

Just like PC, laptop’s HDD also developed with same mechanical configuration but on a smaller scale. Its spindles, head, and platter can suffer issues and will make the HDD useless. These kinds of problems can arrive without any warning. So, we are always ready with advanced data recovery software to retrieve your data in such cases.

Laptop HDD failure due to CMOS battery failure and HDD firmware:

The CMOS battery is also known as the BIOS battery. It enables the entire system to understand how laptop boots up and which drives carry bootable information, like the OS. But, sometimes it can suffer failure, and you can’t start your laptop. Likewise, if firmware fails it will not be able to transfer instruction to HDD. In such cases, our experts can help you to recover your data ensuring all the data are recovered securely.

OS not recognizing HDD after update:

Sometimes OS failure can lead to data loss. OS update can affect the performance of HDD if the update is not successful. In such cases, you can face issues like freezing and rebooting, HDD taking longer time during file transfer and not spinning properly. Now, no need to worry about this as we are here to solve such kind of problems and recover your data. We will try to help you in repairing you HDD.

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